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In-Situ Mini Troll™ - Model 700

In-Situ Mini Troll™ - Model 700

( In-Situ )
Price: Call 304.550.1035 for details

In-Situ Mini Troll™ - Model 700

The Level TROLL 700 features a rugged, all-titanium construction, Twist-Lock (TM) connectors, an ultra-low power system that eliminates the need to change batteries, and it is only 18.3mm (0.72 inches) in diameter making it perfect for 1-inch wells or observation tubing. The 700 series of TROLL offers new logging modes such as Linear, Linear Average,Event, True Logarithmic, Step Linear, and Fast Linear for complete customization. Additional benefits of the Level TROLL 700 include “Pause” and “Re-Start” logging features, a larger memory (350,000+ data points), 0.25 sec sampling (4 samples per second), ability to store and manage up to 50 log files, user notes, advanced compensation settings, and more.

It can be operated using a PC or a RuggedReader handheld and it can easily be connected to a SCADA or other online systems.


RENTAL RATES Daily Weekly Monthly
100' Cable $125.00 $250.00 $695.00
To Rent or Purchase Call 304.550.1035


  • Level, temperature & data logging in a 18.3mm (0.72 in) OD X 21.6cm (8.5 in) long design -- fits in 50mm (1 in) wells!
  • Ultra-rugged, all-titanium design -- Perfect for fresh and marine water monitoring. Excellent for marine, brackish and acidic sites.
  • Sealed vent line -- Prevent water from entering instrument even when cable is not attached, but allows for barometric correction!
  • Ultra-low power system guarantees 5 years or 2-million data points -- Forget changing batteries or running out of power.
  • Twist-Lock (TM) cables that "lock" tight -- 100% reliability.
  • Extend cables by simply adding additional segments -- maximizes your investment and maintain flexibility with your unit.
  • Super accurate sensors -- record minute changes in water level and temperature. 4-way compenstation for maximum accuracy (temperature, barometric pressure, density, & effects of gravity)
  • Fault tolerant design -- Logging will resume from catastrophic events (i.e. surge, lightning) when power is restored Industry first!
  • Up to 350,000 data points of memory (4 MB) -- reduces the interval between data collection (700 series)


  • Easiest ever Win-Situ software -- get the data you need fast! Large, sizable display that's easy to see from a distance. Industry first!
  • Friendly Wizards guide every step -- reduces complicated step and the next for tedious manuals
  • Pause logging feature -- Pause logging when removing a unit. Reinstall and restart where you left off! Industry first!
  • Data saved by sites not files -- collect and save information by site automatically. Industry first!
  • Easy-to-read memory and battery gauges -- know exactly how much is left Industry first!
  • Specify start and stop times for logging -- collect the data you need up to the date you want and no more
  • End-of-File (EOF) and First-in-First-out (FIFO) logging modes -- log the way you want to
  • Ability to "undelete" files from the unit -- no worries of accidentally deleting your data. Industry first!

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